Hi. My name’s Michele and like you I used to be a really creative and compassionate person. I was so creative and compassionate that I went to college on a scholarship to play two different instruments and another scholarship so that I could prepare myself for medical school so I could help people and save the world.


Fast forward a few years and let’s just say that though I played a lot of concerts, earned degrees in medicine and public health, and traveled to different states and countries helping people, somehow along the way I lost the two things I valued most: creativity and compassion.  And in losing those things I had lost myself.

Maybe it was years of study, the last few filled with watching people suffer and die on a daily basis. Maybe it was investing incredible amounts of time and money into a career and relationships that didn’t turn out to be what I thought they were. Maybe it was a near fatal car accident, a botched surgery or being diagnosed with a chronic condition.

Whatever the cause was, I knew the effect: The light in my eyes was gone, and I didn’t know how to reignite the spark that had led me to find joy in serving others. I had lost my way, and I couldn’t seem to find anyone to help me get back on track.

I tried the traditional methods of healing such as prescriptions and prayers but they weren’t enough. They didn’t lead me to a life I loved.


I started off on my own to find my way back to a life I loved. From sitting at the feet of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Naht Hanh to wandering the lonely islands of Scotland to playing music at the bedside of a woman dying of cancer, my journey led me to many unexpected places. But you know what the best thing I found on my journey?

A guide.  A coach.

In finding a coach, a guide, I found someone who helped me work toward an outcome instead of seeing me as a problem to fix. I found someone who helped me look at how all aspects of my life, from shame to my senses, could support or inhibit me in creating the life I loved. Two months of coaching turned into two years, and during that time, I made more positive changes in my life than I had in the previous 20 years. Seriously.

So I decided to become a guide, too. So that I could help others create a life they loved, no matter the circumstances.

From my journey, I’ve learned that everyone has the opportunity to create his or her life and to live each moment fully and deeply, regardless of how traumatic our past or present circumstances may have been. In fact, some of those moments in life that seem to cause us to lose our way and break us are those moments that allow us to find our way to a better life.