Not only can an individual find their way to a better life, communities and organizations can, too. Through the flagship “Way to Well-being” program, Find Your Way to a Better Life Lunch and Learn or customized workshops or speaking engagements, we can work together to not only help you find a better way to life, but also your community or organization.
Here are some of the workshops I offer:


Life’s a journey but sometimes it’s not always easy. During this one hour Lunch and Learn, using a multi-dimensional approach to well-being, participants will learn how to create sustainable, effective changes in their life to improve their trip around the sun.

In trying to live well, it seems like we often confront challenges and obstacles that keep our efforts and intentions from moving forward. In fact, instead of moving forward on our path to a life filled with less stress and more purpose, it may feel like we're running in circles, putting out one fire after the next.

In this workshop, you'll learn three key components to creating, sustainable positive change in your life and how to use challenges and problems to push you forward toward your goal. By the end of the workshop, you'll

  1. Understand the importance of an outcome orientation vs. a problem orientation in creating sustainable change
  2. How problems in life can turn into problems in relationships and how to make the shift to keep you on track
  3. How to create an achievable action plan and what steps to take to create positive sustainable change

In your attempts to stay healthy and create a life and career that you love, do you ever feel like you’re going in circles? Does it feel like you’re going to spend your last hour of vacation and your last dime trying to get your life back on track or keep your head above water? Or when you finally find yourself on track to a better life, do you often find yourself wondering (and perhaps complaining) why others can't get their act together, too?

Then this workshop is for you. We'll learn how to make positive changes in our life and health without becoming junkies or jerks. By the end of this session, you'll understand the importance of perspective in making positive life changes, how to deal with challenges in your life and others so you don't become a junkie or a jerk, and what to do if you do find yourself in one of those roles.


Through informative, interactive sessions and discussions, this workshop series introduces you to twelve life processes that are essential to finding a way to a better life. Participants will have access to The Wellness Inventory, an online wellness assessment and management resource where they can track, measure and record progress in each area of well-being. At the end of the course, you’ll feel like you have the skills and resources you need to take small steps to create a life you love.


Frustrated by non-compliant patients and not being able to communicate the importance of disease management? This workshop’s for you. Using short interactive skits, group discussion and easy-to-learn concepts, this workshop introduces health care providers to a way of interacting with patients that helps patients and providers work toward sustainable change. Participants will leave the workshop with a better understanding of how to communicate with their patients to facilitate effective change.


We often think that performing well consists of the quality of our strum, our knowledge of chords and finger patterns and our ability to play the song on the page. However, other aspects of our life can also contribute to our performance. In this workshop, we'll look at simple ways to improve your performance and playing ability that don't actually involve picking up an instrument.  

By the end of the workshop, you'll understand the importance of an outcome oriented approach, how to actually create goals that help you progress, the number one tool to improve your performance instantly as well as other tools you'll be able to incorporate into your practice routine in order to improve your performance and playing ability!


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask me and we’ll create something that works for you!

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